Hawaiian Vacations

Hawaii is one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world, offering breathtaking natural beauty, as well as getaways in a sprawling metropolitan landscape. Whether travelers can afford a modest tropical vacation or a luxurious extended stay, Hawaii can accommodate all travelers. It can even boast two of the most widely followed sporting events in the world, The Ironman Triathlon, and the Vans Triple Crown (Vans World Cup of Surfing). Aside from relaxing vacations, and sporting events, the varied islands of Hawaii have natural beauty to offer at every turn, and provide nature-lovers an almost never-ending destinations to explore.

Things to Do in Hawaii

For those looking to relax, and live a pampered life for a few days, weeks, or even months, Hawaii offers world class dining, spas, massages, and of course exceptional beaches which can be a daily haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

If you are a nature lover (beyond lying on the beach and watching the ocean that is), Hawaii has a bounty of natural beauty and variety of landscapes for you to enjoy. Whether it is the otherworldly landscapes offered up by Volcanos National Park, the long list of hiking and biking trails, bird watching opportunities, fishing excursions, surfing, or even exploring caves, the Hawaiian landscape has few rivals when it comes to variety and excitement.


Hawaii travel accommodations include basic hotel options, luxurious resort destinations, as well as vacation rental properties for those who are looking to enjoy an extended stay or would like a more homelike feel when away from home. Depending on the types of activities in which travelers would like to partake, each of these options can be a great choice.

Shopping & Dining

Hawaii, as a tourist destination, has no choice but to live up to expectations when it comes to shopping and dining. Consequently, travelers will find both locally made trinkets and merchandise (including cultural keepsakes) as well as luxury boutiques and sprawling shopping malls to quench their retail needs.

Once famished by all the shopping, travelers can enjoy the world class cuisine offered at many of the Hawaiian restaurants, or partake in local culture and eat at many of the authentic Hawaiian eateries, mom and pop restaurants, or roadside food stands to take in local Hawaiian comfort food.

Travel Sites & Vacation Packages

Traveling to Hawaii can take many forms, and can be as simple as booking a flight and hotel, to planning a detailed itinerary with an equally intricate and expansive activity, accommodation, and dining arrangements. For most travelers, it is a good idea to use a travel agency local to Hawaii with agents that can provide recommendations and guidance based on personal knowledge. One of the oldest and most respected of such agencies is Panda Travel, which offers a variety of Hawaii vacation packages, and flight options.